Here Goes….

My first selection of tutorials, and today it’s going to be Childrens Crafts, ready for next weeks half term.

Yarn Sheep!

The Inadvertent Farmer

Dreamcatchers..I’ve always wondered how to weave one:)

Fabric Pom Poms, I can’t wait for a tree full!

A Knitting Dolly, I remember having one made from a cotton reel. Recently my mum treated me to a ‘bought’ one, thanks mum:)

Shaving cream pic’s – brilliant…the blog says Easter Egg card, but I think do it anytime, I love it. I went straight upstairs to check my sons shaving gear, but it was all gel – bah! Shaving cream is now on my shopping list.

Slime – yeh!

Outdoor Streamers!

Grow a Head, this is a definite for me:) Grass seed is on my shopping list…

Summer Checklist – not just for Summer or for teachers, surely…

That’s all for now, but will be back really soon with some more brilliant and inspiring ideas from really clever and creative people:))

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5 Responses to Here Goes….

  1. Thanks for featuring our shaving cream Easter eggs. They were fun to make and we should do them again for some random project!

  2. Sandra says:

    Created the greatest artilces, you have.

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